A guide to influencers.ae

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To access everything available on the Influencers.ae platform, start by registering with us. We have made signing up quite simple and quick so that you don’t have to spend too much time. And we haven’t asked too many questions. After you log in, you will be able to use our services to their fullest potential.


You can discover Influencers for your campaign using our smart search. You can search by name, location or industry. The search results will display everything you need to know about the Influencer – industry, followers, reach, impact, relevance. You can even compare different Influencers to find the right one.


As a brand, you can instantly book an Influencer of your choice. Payment methods are secure and simple. If you are an Influencer, you can choose to accept or decline a campaign proposal. You can even ask for more details if you need.


Need to know each other better? Influencers.ae provides you the right platform to start a conversation. Ask details about campaigns, negotiate the proposal or just drop a line to say hi by clicking on the ‘Message’ icon. Because all good things start with a hello.