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Influencers.ae has a wide range of filters and tools that allows you to trim through thousands of influencers in just a couple of clicks.

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If you already know who you’re looking for, you can readily search for them using our platform.

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Filter all of our influencers by their nationality giving you complete control over who you choose to work with.

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Type of influencer

Target the audience you want by choosing influencers who align themselves with a specific category.

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Campaign Market

Discover influencers with followers in any country within the GCC so that you can build an effective campaign every time.

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Service type

Do you want to manage your campaign internally or would you like Influencers.ae to manage it for you? The choice is yours.

Self-service model

Our Influencers Marketing Platform was built and designed as a stand-alone software tool allowing the user to discover, compare and book influencers from start to finish without any outside assistance.

Managed model

Whether you are short-staffed or wish to have an expert manage your influencer marketing, for a nominal fee, Influencers.ae’s in-house agency social media managers can seamlessly manage campaigns on your behalf.

Campaign Management

Once you have chosen the right Influencer(s) on our platform, you can easily add them to your Campaign. This tool is similar to an e-commerce ‘Checkout’ tab, but instead of purchasing widgets, you are managing the pricing of Influencers. These easy data visualization tools summarize the Influencer(s) chosen, provide pricing based on number of posts, social media channels, and give the results before proceeding to final briefing.


Add your favorite influencers to multiple wishlists so you can get back to them later.

Followers gender

One might assume that most of the followers of a popular female fashionista Influencer would also be female, but our data knows the real truth. Influencers.ae provides you with the gender information of all the followers for the Influencers registered on our platform.

Followers location

With Influencers.ae, you get access to the location information of all the followers of the influencers registered on our platform.

Influential rate

Engagement rate may historically be the metric used to measure and analyze social media content but we don’t think it tells the whole story. Likes, shares and tags do not ever carry the same weight in terms of engagement towards the content. Therefore we created the Influential Rate, a new measure of performance based on a proprietary re-weighting of likes, comments, shares and tags an Influencer receives from his/her followers on their posted content.


We closely and continually monitor the number of followers of our Influencers over time. This provides a unique look at follower trends and gives brands a tool to analyze whether an influencer is trending up (gaining followers) or down (losing followers) and when these shifts took place. Also, huge and quick gains or losses in number of followers that are unrelated to posted content is great tool to understand if followers were possibly ‘bought'.


Our platform provides powerful search filters that can help you find the right influencer for your need.


Our platform provides up-to-date rate card information on all our Influencers’ prices for both reposting and content creation across multiple social media channels.

Post campaign
Analytics report

Get a detailed analytics report about your campaign, with follower engagement, demographics and other critical data on your specific campaign.

Real time Engagement rates

This is the metric that measures the level of engagement that an Influencer’s content receives from their followers. It shows how much the followers interact with the content based on the number of comments, likes and shares. But for Influencers, not all content is created or reposted equally and therefore we provide segmented separate engagement rate percentages for both videos and images.